Wednesday, May 16, 2018

1960 Fleer #116 Hank Stram -or- Crossing Off One From the "Most Wanted" List

I wouldn't change a thing about how I grew up.  I lived somewhat in the country, but in a house that didn't have air conditioning or cable.  Those were two things I REALLY wanted.  Since I didn't havce cable, my current sports info came from the newspaper, local news or radio.  Seriously, how old am I?

The first half of my teenage years I spent fall Sunday nights listening to Jack Buck and Hank Stram call Sunday Night Football on the radio.  Those two are easily a part of my "voices of my youth" list.  While I have fond memories of both, it wasn't until a handful of years later that I know more about Hank Stram.  Most of my knowledge came from the "NFL Films" vault back when ESPN played them and didn't suck. 

Anyway, the card that I picked up wasn't hard to come into, I just hadn't crossed it off before.  I'm glad that I hadn't.  Getting this was pure happenstance.  It showed up in my Facebook feed from a vintage football cards group I'm in, but hadn't looked at in more than a year.  Sometimes you just get lucky.  

1960 Fleer #116 Hank Stram

1960 Fleer #116 Hank Stram (back)
The card is in great shape, other than that "x" written in pen on the back.  A quick feeBay search shows that the cheapest one of these ending recently went for $17.  I got this one for $10, delivered.  I'm happy that I waited!  


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  1. Sweet card. I'm not sure how I'm so familiar with Stram. I can totally picture him coaching the Chiefs... but I was only two years old the last year he was with the team. I guess NFL Films used him in a lot of footage during the 80's and 90's.