Friday, May 26, 2017

Poor, Poor Pitiful Parkies

When I looked at the pic on this auction, I wasn't sure what exactly to expect.  I knew these cards would be in the worst condition of any 1960 Parkhurst Hawes Wax Indy cards that I had, but it was okay.  I paid less than $4 with shipping for the two of them.

One of the two cards was blank on the back but the coloring was different than the other.

It turns out that it's just half a card.  The back half of the card literally was split away from the front at some point.  What is left is so thin that I likely won't be able to get it into a semi-rigid, which is how I keep the cards in my vintage Indy collection.  It's different though.  Definitely different.

At least this card is complete!  For $2 apiece, I'm not complaining.  There's a reason that I got them this cheaply.

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