Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mail x 5 and Writing On My Other Blog

I'm not really sure who knows, but before I started this blog, I wrote primarily on my other site, Bean's Ballcard Blog.  I'm going to be writing more hobby-related pieces (as opposed to writing here about personal collecting).   If you haven't already, please follow, subscribe, etc. to my other blog.

Today I wrote a piece discussing iconic cards.  Hopefully you'll take a look.

After a few days off over the weekend, Memorial Day and a couple days of job interviews, I posted a mailday post today on YouTube.  If you haven't, please give me a subscription and some likes on videos.  It does mean a lot and help keeps people going, no differently that bloggers with views and comments.

Today's post includes junk wax, buybacks and a 1990s autograph.


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My Sports Card Direct store - If you're only interested in a card or two, I can do PWE shipping and save you the money.  Just gotta let me know.  

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  1. Even for Sportlots $4.00 is a lot for a single card but glad you found the Baerga auto. He played in Korea for a year.

  2. You have a few things I like. Too bad couldn't do a pwe trade :)