Monday, May 14, 2018

T206 Kid Elberfeld -or- Which One Would You Rather Have?

Outside of my Scoops Carey cards, I didn't have any T206 duplicates until this one arrived from COMC last week.  I picked this one up over a year ago.  I was willing to pay $20 for it because it's scarcity ranking is 71, per T206 Insider.  I relisted it with a ridiculous price figuring nobody would buy it and I'd eventually have it shipped home.  It's home now.  

1909-11 The American Tobacco Company T206 White Border #NNO Kid Elberfeld (New York Variation)
Per the book "THE T206 COLLECTION The Players & Their Stories," Elberfeld was known as "The Tabasco Kid" because he often argued with umpires and was ejected frequently from games.  He was one of the top shortstops in the game and when he and Honus Wagner were in the minors, many considered Elberfeld the better prospect.  After his playing career he managed in the minors for 15 years and retired from the game at 61.  

As mentioned, this is my second copy of the card.  It's obviously in poor shape and not as visually appealing as my other copy.  

However, that copy is graded "authentic" because it's trimmed.  I'm also not a fan of cards in slabs, unless it's a high price card or I have another reason.  I ask you, which of the two would you prefer to have in your collection, and why?  I choose the raw copy, but I'm sure that many will disagree with me.  I'm interested to hear other bloggers' thoughts.  


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  1. Good question! I'm one of the few who prefers graded vintage to 'raw' - mostly for the peace of mind. Your slabbed Eberfield looks fantastic; if I were buying it to keep in my collection I'd want that one. But I don't know how much the investment value is affected by trimming.

  2. While I wouldn't necessarily keep it in the holder, I would keep the Piedmont 150 Elberfeld. I'm a big fan of the backs of tobacco cards as much as the fronts, so I prefer the clear back.

    But really, you can't go wrong with either.

  3. Which one? Here's the story I tell folks who seek such an answer. A Mets fan, I purchased both a Ryan rookie and a Seaver rookie many decades ago. The Ryan rookie cost me a few hundred dollars. I'd had my eye on it at my LCS for years before I pulled the trigger. The Seaver rookie cost me $17 at a card show. I asked the guy at the show what was wrong with the Seaver. He reacted as though he were describing doggy doo and said it looked like it had been chewed up in a lawnmower. Didn't look that bad to me and still doesn't. The Seaver rookie is in the binders with the rest of my Mets and I get to look at it and enjoy it often. I can take it out and hold it and I don't have to worry about dropping it and dinging a corner. The Ryan rookie is in the dark and hidden place where I keep my high dollar cards and I almost never see it. It isn't slabbed. mind you--that would only make it worse. I'll take the card I can look at and enjoy and touch as often as I want to, as casually as I want to, over the one that's encased in amber any day.

  4. 99.9% of the time I prefer the card in better condition if the situation is like yours and I have both cards in my possession already.