Friday, May 18, 2018

A Card You've Seen A Lot Here -or- T206 Scoops Carey

You've certainly seen this Scoops Carey card if you read my blog with any regularity.  However, I couldn't pass up a raw copy of the card on COMC, considering the price.  I got it for the price of a couple of those Bowman blasters everyone's buying in hopes of hitting the lottery.  

1909-11 The American Tobacco Company T206 White Border #NNO Scoops Carey 
This is the second post in a row that doesn't change my monster number, but I'm more than okay with that.  

My monster number now stands at 28 (of 524).  On T206Insider, my set is now at 12.1, good for 48th.  You can find a gallery of what I have on my Collector Focus page.

If you'd like to learn more about the T206 set, there are plenty of resources.  A very popular one is Scot Reader's "Inside T206."  Others I like are Net 54 and T206 Insider (links above to both), as well as the blog on That T206 Life.


I've decided to try selling on Sports Card Direct again.  Hopefully you'll take a look at my page and see if there's anything you're interested in.  I can always sell off the site and ship in a PWE if you're only looking for a card or two and don't want to pay $3 shipping.  I'm going to start listing more cards daily.  It's time to get out of a lot of my stuff.  

If you shop online and haven't signed up and used ebates yet, you're missing out.  I also use it on eBay to get money back from purchases there.  Between referrals and cash back, I've gotten over $150 in a year.  FREE CARDS!  Another $40 was depostied into my Paypal account earlier this month.

If you're on Twitter, please give me a follow.  You can also find me on Trading Card Database.  I love trading cards, when it makes sense.  Happy collecting!