Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sportlots Mail - #9 of 11

I definitely like when I can find multiple cards from the same seller on Sportlots.  After I put all the Russ Davis cards I needed into my basket, I was at a shipping threshold where I could buy a few more cards and not pay any extra shipping.  I took advantage of that and picked up some cards for the player collections I haven't started scanning and cataloging yet.  Who knows how many doubles I end up with.

2001 Topps Chrome Retrofractors #241 Russ Davis

2001 Topps Chrome Retrofractors #241 Russ Davis

1997 Leaf Fractal Matrix Die Cuts #162 Russ Davis

1997 Score Reserve Collection #437 Russ Davis
 Not sure how exactly I made this mistake, but I already had this card.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

1998 Donruss Preferred #129 Russ Davis

1999 SkyBox Thunder Rant #238 Russ Davis

2000 Upper Deck MVP Silver Script #91 Russ Davis
It was awesome to pick up seven Russ Davis cards from one seller.  Unfortunately, only five are going into the collection.  I mentioned above that I bought a card I already had.  The MVP Silver Script has red marker or something on it.  The seller has refunded the money for it already, at least.

After the five additions to my collection, the Davis stat line is 208/309/67.3%.  I'm now over two-thirds complete.  This is of all cards, including 1/1s, in the Sports Card Forum Database.

2001 MLB Showdown Unlimited #268 Steve Kline

2001 Upper Deck Victory #320 Steve Kline

1997 Collector's Choice #315 Steve Kline
When I get to the point that I'm scanning and cataloging Steve Kline cards, I will write a "why I collect."  With these three cards, there's one I definitely have (but I knew that when I made the purchase), one I probably have and one I might have.  We shall see.

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