Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Poor Timing, Or Would It Even Matter?

As many of you know, two weeks from now I'll be a married man.  Even though we're doing a private ceremony (my bride-to-be, her son and I), it still costs money, and it's money well spent.  I plan on this being my only wedding. 

This morning I saw a post from Sports Collectors Daily about another prewar find.  Of course a very rare card that I want is a part of it.  It's poor timing because I likely won't be a serious player for it.  Even without the wedding, it's still one that'll likely command a price out of my comfort zone. 

photo from Sports Collectors Daily
Row 1, column 2 (I obviously work with Excel a lot) is the Scoops Carey Breisch-Williams E107 card.  I've completed Carey's T206 "rainbow" (back run) and this is the only other card from Carey's playing days. 

Even in a condition that appears will come back from SCG just a 1, it'll likely be out of my comfort zone.  I don't have a VCP subscription to see any realized auction prices, but I looked it up before and if I remember correctly it was just one sale, at maybe $600-700 and not in my wheelhouse. 

If you read the article I linked to, you read about the scarcity of these cards.  I wouldn't be competing against just collectors that want Scoops Carey, but also against set collectors and collectors that just want to own one card from this set. 

My card grading company of choice is SGC and they've graded just ten copies of the card.  I don't see any graded by PSA or BGS.  So, yeah, much more demand for any card in the set than supply. 

They do say miracles can happen, right?


  1. I don't know anything about this set, but I do know that items don't always sell for as much as they're expected to (and yes, I know, they can sell for more as well), so who knows... you might actually have a chance at it!

  2. Hope you and your fiancee have an awesome wedding!

  3. Kin, I had no idea! Congrats to the lucky lady, best of luck to you both with the wedding and with married life!

  4. Best wishes, man. I hope the wedding is awesome!

    As for that card, as Jon says, you never know. There are a lot of big names in that lot (Plank, McGraw, Waddell) that'll get folks attention. Maybe Carey slips through the cracks.