Sunday, January 8, 2017

Topps Now Mail Day

Like many others, I am behind in getting blog posts up.  Also like many, I received a Christmas card from Topps with a Topps Now card, since I had purchased a card from them during the 2016 season.

My purchase from Topps was the Ichiro 3000th hit card.  Later in the season I bought the Jedd Gyorko Topps Now, but I bought it from an eBay seller.

I'm not much into baseball, but I am glad that I did make a purchase direct from Topps.  It allowed me to receive this card unexpectedly a few weeks ago.

While it doesn't exactly fit into my collection, it is nice to have received this.  I will give it a home with the other Ichiro cards that I bought previously.  It is definitely a nice "thank you" from Topps.

1 comment:

  1. It was a nice gesture. Really has not place in my collection either, so I'll probably pass it along eventually. I bought all the Pirates this year, but only one through Topps.