Friday, April 13, 2018

COMC Show & Tell - 1950 Bowman

I love 1950 and 1951 Bowman cards for a buck or less.  Three of these were close to that on COMC. 

1950 Bowman #85 Fred Naumetz 

1950 Bowman #85 Fred Naumetz (back)

1950 Bowman #110 Joe Watson 

1950 Bowman #110 Joe Watson (back)

1950 Bowman #124 Jack Zilly 

1950 Bowman #124 Jack Zilly (back)
The final card of the post confuses me a little.  I'm not sure quite why I bought it for the price ($3.25) that I bought it for.  That will happen when you're shipping more than 400 cards and they've been at COMC for about a year. 

1950 Bowman #115 Ken Carpenter 

1950 Bowman #115 Ken Carpenter (back)
I have some educated guesses on why I might have purchased this.  Maybe it was the cheapest copy of the card by a significant amount.  Maybe I bought it off someone's clearance sale.  It's also possible that I was searching for vintage Browns card and it was the cheapest.  The reason may not be one of those, but it likely is.  Still, the cards averaged out to just a little over $1.50, so I am not complaining.

Just four more cards and I will be past the 10% complete mark!

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  1. I think Carpenter's card looks the coolest. Love that pose! Although seeing the flag on the Naumetz is cool too.