Monday, January 15, 2018

Joining JBF

While our blogging friend Wes isn't as active on his blog, he's still on Twitter.  The evening of the second, I saw him tweet that he was working to lose weight this year.  I know that it's easier to do when you have accountability, so I told him that I'd join him on his journey.  I'm getting married next January, so I need to get going myself. 

It's been a trying couple of weeks to begin the year between being sick, and losing our puppygirl on the third.  Last weekend we rearranged our living room to get rid of the "hole" where Coqueta would lay.  This weekend we adopted a sweet terrier this weekend and things are slowly getting back to "normal."  Hopefully next week I can get started with DDP Yoga and begin shedding some pounds.  

Even though I haven't put in the work yet, I have been weighing myself.  I'm going to be posting progress on the blog, because it provides me the accountability that I need.  

My initial weight, taken on the second.

My weight last Monday:

And my weight today...

If anyone else wants to join in, feel free!  

Have a great night and happy collecting! 


  1. Best wishes on your weight loss journey! May I recommend a few resources that will better prepare you:

    I’m excited to see your progress!

  2. Proud of you man! That's awesome. Keep grinding and don't give up!

  3. Keep your eye on your end goal and enjoy time with the new puppy!

  4. Good luck Kin. You can do it. I had a few friends accomplish big weight loss goals. One thing both had in common was using a database to log all food intake.

    1. I'm going to try without this, but that's what worked for me before and I will probably go back to it.

  5. Good luck! I made a bet with my barber to hold me accountable. I have to lose 10 pounds by December and she has to lose 8. Loser buys a nice dinner. It might not sound like much of a challenge, but I've gained 15 pounds the past 2 years. But at the same time, I hate losing.