Monday, January 22, 2018

Cartas Coleccionables de Coqueta - 2017 Goodwin Champions Canine Companions #CC53

Even before we lost Coqueta, I knew that I wanted this card.  The night after she passed, I looked on eBay, made and offer and it was accepted.  I may have overpaid, but I'm not going to stress that.  I'm just happy to have the card. 

While the image may resemble Coqueta, I believe it to be a different type of Mastiff.  It's listed as a "Working Mastiff" and Coqueta was an English Mastiff. 

Since this is (probably) the most recent mastiff trading card, I feel that the appropriate Coqueta picture is the last, and obviously most recent, one that I have of her.  It was taken about an hour before she received her wings. 

Bringing Lola into our family has really helped us.  The last week has been a lot better.  I still miss you terribly, my angel. 


  1. Losing a family member like that is just sadness - no way to express it. If Goodwin (or any other company) put out an affenpincher card a couple years back, money would have been no object.

  2. Read that UD is going to do two more years of Goodwin canines, so there's a chance they'll make an English Mastiff for you.