Saturday, February 4, 2017

Reliving My Youth At the Card Shop

I had the day off yesterday so after lunch with a friend I decided to hit up a card shop that while in the area, isn't exactly in MY area.  I'd visited SMP Sportcards (@SMPSportscards) a couple of times before, but this time the shop owner was in.  I had plenty of time to dig in and found some low-end gems.  I'm not posting all of them, but I had to post these beauties.

Acetate cards have become popular over the last handful of years.  Let's not forget that they have been around for more than 20 years.  I like to keep cards of Mountaineers in their college uniforms but don't care much once they are in NFL uniforms.  I made an exception for these.  As a teen, packs of these cards were a bit more expensive than I was willing to pay.  Since they're not worth much it probably wasn't a bad decision.  They are mine now.

When I first got into sports, Dale Murphy was my guy.  I didn't keep all of the cards that I had as a kid, but I bought these three autographs back shortly after they came out.  Even through multiple card purges since then, they have remained in my collection.  I added a fourth autograph today.

I'd been in the shop for awhile before I saw this card.  He mentioned that prices are not as marked on some things, so I asked about this card.  He told me $20 and that if I wanted to see eBay going price, he'd match it.  I was happy at $20, so I had him take it out of the case and I added it to the stack.

Before I sat it down I flipped the case over...


I don't have many of the cards that I had before I was a teen (or even a young adult).  The two that I've had the longest are a Bill Ripken F-Face that I pulled from a pack myself in 1989 and also a Rickey Henderson rookie.  There's a third card that would have made the cut but somehow, I lost the card.  It's the only card I believe I lost.  It had to have been when we moved.  I've been intending for years to "replace" the card by picking up another copy and I did so yesterday.

Sure, it's only a $15 card.  It's worth way more than that to me, even though it's not the original copy that owned.  I'm sure that every time I'm looking through my cards and come across this I will smile and momentarily relive the innocence of youth and the hobby.  It was a good time, when it was just about COLLECTing cards and having ones you enjoyed instead of worrying about how much everything was "worth."

Happy collecting!


  1. Refreshing to see a shop owner be realistic enough to match eBay.

  2. Great stuff! Love the Murph auto! Numbered to 10 is just that much better!

  3. the Murphy studio card is fantastic!

    although the stat line is kinda funny, wonder why they put the last season with the Rockies on the back...?

    1. Hadn't even noticed that...curious for sure.

  4. Sweet find on the Murphy! It's gonna look nice sitting next to his three friends.

  5. The Murphy card is spectacular! Very nice!

  6. I didn't realize Murphy was originally a catcher! Cool! Fleer Greats is such a classic set, one of my faves. Great cards!