Sunday, October 20, 2019

Back, With Buybacks

It's been awhile, so who knows if anyone will even see this.  I'd been posting everything on my other site, Bean's Ballcard Blog, for awhile.  Then there was no posting anywhere.  My plan is to post my PC stuff here and more high level things there.  I'd be extremely grateful if you'd just sub to the BBB blog by just entering your email.  It's on the right side of the page up top.  You'll get notified any time I post.  

Anyway, on to yesterday's mail.  I received a PWE from Jon of A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts.  I knew it was coming and knew what was inside, kind of.  He messaged me that he had some buybacks for me, if I was still collecting them.  I haven't done much with them in awhile, but hope to again soon.  Hopefully I'll be getting back to being a collector again soon.  

Thanks for the well wishes, Jon.  I'm doing much better after my minor health scare a couple months ago.  Guys, make sure that you're consistently seeing your doctor(s) and taking care of yourself.  Not doing so hits you suddenly and it sucks!  

If you know me, you know that 1987 Topps will always be one of my favorite sets.  That was the first year I collected and I built multiple Topps and Donruss sets.  I was new to baseball but was a Braves fan because my southern family (who gifted my my first cards) were all Braves fans.  I thought his last name was weird so this card is memorable.  To this day, I've never met another "Olwine."

Ron Hassey will always be an Oakland Athletic to me.  Sorry, not sorry.  I love all of the 1980s White Sox uniforms, though.  

The 1980s was the best decade of Topps designs and 1984 is one of my favorites.  I can't explain why, but I've been drawn to it since I was a kid collector.  Not sure what year these 65th Anniversary cards were inserted into packs, so I'll have to do some sleuthing.  

This Doyle Alexander was the final card in the envelope, and my favorite.  Living in Arlington now (I can be the to stadium in ten minutes) has made me fall in love with some of the Rangers old logos. I may not be into baseball anymore, but I do have a healthy respect for the past.  

I hope you enjoyed the quick look inside the PWE.  I'm hoping to post more soon, though some (or most) may be videos.  Hopefully you'll watch.  

Happy collecting, y'all! 



  1. I wasn't expecting for these to get a blog post, as you've been Tweeting a lot of your mailday's as of late, it's great honor indeed! Glad to hear that there were a few decent one's in here, and for the record, I've never heard of anyone else having the last name of Olwine either.

  2. Always happy to see a blog reappear after a few months away.

  3. Great batch of buybacks. Most of the time, I don't remember half of the guys. I actually recognize all four of these ballplayers.

  4. Nice grouping there! You know I love me some buybacks!

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