Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Mountaineer Mine #3.2 - Owen Schmitt

I can't narrow it down to just one Owen Schmitt card that I want to keep.  When all is said and done he may be the one that I keep the most cards of.

2008 Playoff Prestige - Draft Picks Light Blue #182 Owen Schmitt

If you read yesterday's post, I posted a YouTube clip of when "The Runaway Beer Truck" was born.  This card is from that run.  If you look closely, you can see the Oklahoma defender in the background.  This is almost the card that I selected for the project.  I'll never be completely confident in the decision that I made.  I have four copies of this card and probably need to get to nine, just so I can fill out an entire sheet.  I don't have any of the other parallel levels, I love this one because it's blue.  The only "bad" about this card is the Seahawks helmet on it.  I wish it was a WVU helmet. 

2008 Topps Mayo #317 Owen Schmitt 

This isn't normally the kind of card I would keep.  Schmitt is not pictured in his West Virginia uniform.  It's staying in the collection because the design used was copied from the 1894 Mayo Cut Plug set.  Owning a card from that set is something I hope to make happen eventually.  

2008 Score Select - Autographs Red Zone #413 Owen Schmitt 

This card is another that doesn't really "fit" with my collection.  It has some sentimental value and that's why it remains.  I picked this up just a couple of days before I moved from Indianapolis to Texas.  It was my last card purchase there and for me signifies closing the door on that time of my life, and how much happier I am now.  I never noticed until today, but they have his school in 2003 listed incorrectly.  Schmitt didn't play four seasons at WVU.

2008 Donruss Elite #135 Owen Schmitt

We return to the Mountaineer cards now.  I don't like that this card is a sticker auto, but it's the only one I'm keeping that pictures Schmitt in the gold uniform.  I miss this look.  I have a couple of copies of this one.  

2008 Press Pass - Autographs Bronze #PPSOS Owen Schmitt 
All I'm going to say about this one is that I miss Press Pass.  As a college collector, they offered things that wouldn't have been seen otherwise.  They also were good about understanding what players might have some secondary value and including them.  I salute you, Press Pass.  


2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces - Stroke Of Genius Autographs #SOG76 Owen Schmitt 

When I spoke on the phone last week with Upper Deck's Chris Carlin, I told him that canvas cards are one of the best things in the hobby.  I wasn't giving him lip service, I truly believe it.  I miss Upper Deck producing football cards.  Losing the NFL license didn't completely break my heart but now that they've lost the CLC license, WVU cards just aren't the same to me.  

2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition - Autographs #78 Owen Schmitt 
2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition - Autographs Bronze #78 Owen Schmitt
It's no secret that I dislike sticker autos, but what can you do?  I don't really need either of these and it's possible that they will leave via another card purge sometime down the road.

2008 Press Pass SE Gridiron Graphs Gold #GG-OS Owen Schmitt 

Something I loved about Press Pass - ON CARD AUTOGRAPHS!

2008 SAGE HIT - Autographs Silver #A70 Owen Schmitt 

I've heard more than a few people in the hobby say unflattering things about SAGE, and it pisses me off.  They certainly have their place in the hobby.  If all you're doing is trying to make money, either short or long-term, SAGE isn't for you.  History has shown this.  However, they provide affordable autographs of some top-tier players collectors might not otherwise be able to afford.  Also, they include players that may not get an autograph from any other company.  As a college guy, I love this.

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