Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Would You Rather...?

It would be impossible to put together a complete list of the way that collecting vintage cards is different that modern.  One of the most fascinating to me is how differently vintage collectors can view the same card.  If the card is highly graded, most collectors will want to add it to their collection, if the price is right. 

If it's a low grade copy, opinions vary much more.  Some will want one that is perfectly centered and will sacrifice other aspects.  Some are more interested in the color and how it pops.  Some care more about size.  Some won't take a card that has ANY paper loss or writing. 

None of the above are serious concerns for modern collectors.  It doesn't matter how shiny your card is, there's likely another ten thousand of them available.  If it's a card of manufactured scarcity, your options are limited and maybe you elect to purchase something you otherwise wouldn't just so you can complete that rainbow! 

I've seen copies of some T206 cards that I own up for sale, in somewhat similar shape and also at different prices than I paid for my copies.  So, that got me thinking...am I happier with my copy or would I prefer one of the copies for sale. 

However, I'm bringing the question to you...which copy would you prefer if the cost was the same?  Any of course...why?  Please leave comments, I'm interested to know what y'all thing! 

Below are two copies of the T206 Christy Mathewson portrait.  Which one would you rather have in your collection?

The second card I'd like to hear your thoughts on gives you THREE options.  Which T206 Tris Speaker would you prefer to own?

Alright, have at it!  Happy collecting y'all! 

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  1. I'd go with the second of the two Mathewsons, and the first of the three Speakers. Great idea for a post!

  2. Modern and vintage card collectors both want that perfect grade card. However, modern card collectors are willing to spend insane amounts of money on a drafted player who hasn't stepped on the field yet...

    For your situation, I would take the Mathewson in slightly better condition and the Speaker red-back as the color seems a little better.

    Honestly, I would be happy to have any of them.

    Good luck.

  3. The second Matty isn't bad since most of the damage on the front is not over the picture. I'm doing a T205 Giants set and will probably end up with a similar one for him.
    The third Speaker is just too far gone for my tastes. The Piedmont isn't horrible, but the front corners would turn me off. My T205 team is mostly 3's and 4's that run about $40 on average.

  4. First Christy for me, as the second looks.....off. And the first Tris too.