Saturday, November 25, 2017

Scanning for Info.

I was at a local card shop today to pick up the items for the Secret Santa exchange.  During the convo, the topic of scanners came up and Duane mentioned his and how quickly he can scan.  My jaw dropped!

I've used a flat scanner for almost 20 years, but he used one of the image scanners where cards are fed through.  It seems scary, but he told me that he's not lost one card doing this. 

Anyone reading this use a scanner like this?  Have any cards been damaged?  If you use one of these, do you have any recommendations?  I'm really intrigued by this because I spend way too much time scanning and cropping! 


  1. I have never even heard of this type of scanner before, so I too would be interested to hear of anyone's experiences using one.

  2. The mega seller Burbank Sports Cards uses them. There’s a video on YouTube about the company and it shows them using it. It’s pretty nifty and convenient

  3. I think I saw a YT video once... but the idea of feeding my cards through anything is way too nerve-racking. I'll stick to my flatbed.

  4. I too have an ancient flatbed. I have a second ancient one that is a few years older from a few computers ago. I think it would still work. Might be rusty. Anyway with the newer card fed scanners I wouldn't scan any pre 1980 vintage. Mid 1980s to modern I wouldn't worry about. Its those older cards and the thick relic/auto cards and the cards that already have some damage I would worry about and only scan on a flatbed.