Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sometimes, Things Happen Fast

Two weeks ago, I didn't even know that this Andrew Shaw card existed.  I'll never be one that knows everything, but I'd like to think that I know what is out there and I'm slightly embarassed about it.  I found out about it in a piece from Puck Junk.  I read it in the early afternoon and spent more of my work day than I should have looking online for it.  

I received a message about a Sports Card Forum thread I started asking if anyone had one of the cards (or even the entire set).  It was from a Marian Hossa collector and he asked me to let him know if I came across a set.  I told him I would and that if I found it, I'd send him the card.  I love getting cards into the correct hands.

It wasn't long after that he asked me for my address, because he found one on eBay.  Obviously my searching leaves something to be desired.  However, this beauty showed up yesterday.

If you read this, thank you Aaron!

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