Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Giant Gatski

I wanted to use "The Great Gatski" for the title, but I will save that for sometime in the future.  Giant is a more accurate term for this "card" anyway.

This was in my eBay saved search email a couple of weeks ago and I immediately clicked about bought.  Not even sure if I went through ebates to get my cash back just because I did not want to lose out on it at the price.

1951 Browns Team Issue 6x9 #6 Frank Gatski
High book value according to my trusty Beckett Vintage Almanac is $50.  Thanks in part to that beautiful pinhole at the top, I was able to score this for less than a tank of gas.  I truly love that pinhole!  These old team issue items don't come often and when I've seen them, they've been quite pricey.

From  "This set of team-issued photos measures approximately 6 1/2" by 9" and features black and white posed action shots framed by white borders. The set was distributed in an attractive off-white envelope with orange and brown trim titled "Cleveland Browns Photographs". The set is similar to the 1950 issue, but the player's name appears in script close to the photo. The backs are blank. The cards are unnumbered and checklisted below in alphabetical order."

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  1. Now wait a that a Gatski rookie card?! ;)