Saturday, January 7, 2017

Custom Mailday from Tony Burbs

If you're reading this and follow my card-related twitter account, you likely know who Tony Burbs is.  He's very active on Twitter and has a great blog, Wrigley Field Roster Jenga.

On December 3, the Chicago Blackhawks needed an emergency goalie in Philadelphia and local Eric Semborski got the call (you can read more details about this great story here).  He didn't get into the game, but spent the day with the team and was a part of their roster.

Semborski will never end up with an official hockey card, but Tony posted a custom card on his blog. I messaged him asking if there was a way to get a copy of it for my Blackhawks collection and he was willing to make me a copy.  I must say, the guys that do things like this are extremely talented.  Perhaps it's not very difficult, but I have absolutely no artistic ability whatsoever.

Stories like this do come along from time-to-time.  It's happened since this game and the emergency goalie actually got to play at the very end of an official NHL game.  It has to be the memory of a lifetime for the guys that this happens to, but after a day or two the rest of us forget all about it.  In this case, I will never forget it.  Every time I look through my Blackhawks collection I will remember it, thanks to this card and Tony Burbs.  Thanks, Tony! 


  1. Glad you liked it! Much like it was a thrill for Eric to suit up for an NHL game, it's a thrill for me to know that something I made rests in your collection.

  2. Tony is a good egg for sure. I'm enjoyed my trading with him. Love his blog!

    I love those emergency goalie stories. I'm sure the teams hate them, but it makes it fun for nerds like us. Glad you got a copy of that homemade gem.