Sunday, January 1, 2017

COMC Mailday for #TheAndrewShawProject

My last post was a massive show and tell (mostly show) of a large quantity of cards I got from COMC.  Three of the cards I picked up are new additions for my Andrew Shaw collection.

2015-16 Champs #89 Andrew Shaw
2015-16 Champs Gold Front #89 Andrew Shaw
2015-16 Upper Deck High Gloss #38 Andrew Shaw

If my calculations are correct, I am now at 135 of 183 (73.7%) unique cards listed on Sports Card Forum.  On the non-1/1s, I'm at 126 of 141 (89.4%).  The numbers are with having none of the new Parkhurst cards that released in the last couple of weeks.

2015-16 Upper Deck Silver Foil Board #38 Andrew Shaw
This was also in the shipment.  I hadn't shipped from COMC in quite awhile and bought this when I didn't have one.  However, I was able to get one cheaply on eBay later and did.  I do like the look of these cards so it doesn't break my heart having a double.  

I also had these cards sent back.  I decided months back that I was going to sell off some of the multiples that I had and put that money into something different.  However, nobody wanted these at the prices I had on them and I wasn't giving them away.  They will just remain with the best Shaw collection there is.  

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