Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Black Ice has made it to Texas

We are supposed to have the first freeze of the season tonight in Texas, but that's not what I'm actually referring to.  As the Andrew Shaw cards that I need (and aren't having asinine prices asked for) have dried up, I started looking into some of those hard-to-find, but non-numbered ones I need.

One of those is the 2012-13 Score Black Ice cards.  I fired up the google machine and couldn't find much concrete info on them as far as print runs and availability.  Eventually I came upon an old thread on Sports Card Forum and posted, wondering if anyone had any additional info.  Unfortunately, not too much.

My own research on available and sold cards, posted in the thread, was this (numbers are as of November 17):

"I checked COMC and there are only six of these available with asking prices ranging from $8.75 to $39.70. There are four others on eBay with asking prices of $4.46 to $19.99. In the "sold" history, I found two cards that sold for $2.97 and $4.46. Finally on Sportlots, I found five available. The asking prices were $1 (I have already purchased this one), $9.99 and three at $10."

I checked COMC over Thanksgiving weekend in hopes that someone would heavily mark one of these down.  No luck.  I've decided to "collect" these when I come across them cheap.  The only one I've bought arrived on Monday.

Shipping from this Sportlots seller was the same up to four cards, so I bought the additional ones from him for 18 cents each.  Seems foolish not to take advantage of that.  

If you have any of the Black Ice cards that you have no use for, let me know! 

Happy collecting! 


  1. Do you follow Doug's blog "Sportscards From the Dollar Store." He collects a good bit of hockey so he might have something you are looking for.

  2. I moved to MI from Dallas a little over a year and half ago. I don't miss the ice storms. I spent a LOT of time at Duane's Sportscards in Arlington. There were two gentleman there both named Bill, with a nice assortment of cards, and great prices! Miss those guys!

    1. The Bill that was at the front of the store sold off his items and retired at the beginning of 2016. The second Bill is still going, though he have a health issue (I believe a heart attack) early-mid last year. I will make sure to tell him that you said hello!