Friday, February 3, 2017

1986 Topps Set Additions from the "Off The Wall" Blog

The start of my personal blog has put me into touch with some great bloggers/collectors in the two months since I started.  Shane of the "Off The Wall" blog is one of them.  He messaged me to let me know that he had some cards that were on my need list and he wanted to send them to me.  I'm a little slow in getting this post up, but these arrived last week.

After checking these off the list, I need just 13 more cards to complete my set.  If you are able to help me out with it, feel free to me know!

1986 Topps Baseball
50  -  Dan Quisenberry
145  -  Pedro Guerrero
177  -  Joel Youngblood
220  -  Bob Horner
268  -  Mike Scott
305  -  Phil Bradley
572  -  Paul Zuvella
623  -  Floyd Rayford
630  -  Fernando Valenzuela
655  -  Manny Trillo
663  -  Neil Allen
689  -  Ron Cey
727  -  David Green

Happy collecting, everyone!


  1. I probably have those 13 cards to help you out. I have a bunch of 1986 Topps extras. I left on your last post about 2017 Topps with my email address.

  2. Glad I could help!!! Let me know what else you're collecting and we'll do it again!